IVF Success Secrets

How to maximise your chances of IVF and IUI Success (even if you're over 35)


Over the past 9 years, I've witnessed thousands of women in my audience and programs struggle with infertility. I've seen first hand how certain changes in our lifestyles, behaviours and mindset can affect, either positively or negatively, our chances of conceiving and bringing a baby into this world.


I also lead a group of nearly 400 of the world's leading naturopaths, nutritionists, fertility coaches and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.


The advice is the same.


I've read a multitude of studies. I've taken courses. I've devoured books.


Again, it's the same. I keep being called back to the SAME principles.


Let's be real for a moment.


The stakes are high - a single IVF cycle runs into thousands of dollars. Just getting a follow up appointment at your fertility clinic can take months.... And I'm guessing you don't want to waste either of those - I want to help you fast track falling pregnant and avoid some of the exact pitfalls I made.


Join me for my LIVE Masterclass where I'll share with you what I wished I knew, before embarking on multiple failed cycles.

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Hi, I’m Robyn Birkin, an educator, author and fertility warrior. 


I come from Sunny Perth in Western Australia where I married a surfer dude (my high school sweetheart) and embarked on a BIG journey to have two children which involved many needles, people looking at my hoo-ha, breakdowns and breakthroughs.


I have never turned down a bowl of mashed potato, and if you put on a Salt n Pepa song, you best believe I'll know all the words.


These days, I host the award-winning Fertility Warriors Podcast and have authored the book (available on Amazon), Screw Infertility. I also lead a group of nearly 400 of the world's best fertility practitioners.


I run courses and programs that help women trying to conceive to not only fall pregnant much faster, but to rediscover themselves again after infertility has drained all of their energy.


I’ve made it my mission to ensure that women don’t suffer through infertility and trouble conceiving like I did. This is the stuff I wish I had on my journey!

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Let's make 2020 the year it happens!

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