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  But... I could never give up cheese!. 

Those were the exact words I said to my Naturopath when she told me that if I wanted to improve my fertility, I was going to have to make some changes.


I LIVED on cheese! I needed it! 




Push came to shove and I decided that yes, I did need to make some big changes, because waiting... was no longer an option.




I felt completely confused and overwhelmed by all of the (often contradictory) information out there.


Deep down I kind of knew that there were some foods that might not agree with me, but I truly didn't know HOW I was supposed to give up the foods I loved.


... And every time I tried, I just ended up more confused, overwhelmed by all the changes I was 'supposed' to make, and swallowed up by guilt every time I wasn't 'perfect'


Fact: Changing your diet and lifestyle can be one of the quickest, easiest and most effective ways to improve your fertility.


And all it takes, is some dedication.


And 21 days.



My story...


In 2012, my naturopath turned to me and told me that in order to heal my body and improve my fertility I needed to make some radical changes to the way that I ate.


I *thought* I was eating well, but the more I learned, the more I knew that improvements needed to be made.


And cheese and bread were life.


Give up cheese? Give up gluten? Impossible! What was I going to eat?

How could I decipher the ingredient labels on foods?

What nutrients were important for pregnancy?

What foods could I eat that would supercharge my fertility without costing $5467 per teaspoon?


I resisted, big time. But months later, still not pregnant, I decided I needed to make some big changes to turn this ship around. Not falling pregnant, wasn't an option and I couldn't let the team down.


So I researched, read, watched, listened, launched a wellness website and spoke with some of the new leaders in health and wellness, and made the shifts that made the difference. (don't worry - you don't need to go THAT far - I've done the work for you).

AND BONUS! I felt ah-mazing!

For the first time in my life, I could get out of bed in the morning with a spring in my step instead of wanting to hit the snooze button. I felt calm and at peace that I was putting myself in the best shape to fall pregnant and (bonus) I effortlessly dropped 5 kilograms.


I felt like my body was now primed for pregnancy.




The Fertility Warrior Diet



The Fertility Warrior Diet, my guide, for you, on how to navigate eliminating foods (yes... like cheese) but also, how to DIY determine whether they're negatively impacting you or not, so you can make your own mind about which foods are in, and which ones are out.


Endorsed by leading family Nutritionist, Jo Atkinson, and Fertility Naturopath, Kirsty Torrens, this diet (psssttt... it's not really a diet, or a cleanse so much as a 21 day program for you to find out what works for YOU) provides you with all the tools and guidance you need to take your fertility food journey to the next step.


Oh, and dramatically improve your chances of falling pregnant, and feel amazing too. 


You can also choose to upgrade your package to include Guest Expert Fertility Masterclasses, an entire 6 months worth of meal plans, Low Tox Guides and more!



In this detailed ecourse you'll learn:

  • The key nutrients for pregnancy
  • The foods that are harming your fertility
  • Fertility superfoods on a budget
  • How to eat organically (and not break the budget)
  • The lazy girls guide to going dairy-free
  • How to read the ingredient labels on food
  • The skinny on diet shakes for fertility
  • The down low on soy and vegetarian diets for fertility
  • How diet fits into conditions such as PCOS and diabetes
  • Plus, a BUNCH of beautifully photographed recipes to cover every meal

If infertility is an unwanted friend in your life, then this diet is your new go-to guide.




We'll talk through WHY we should eliminate foods, how long for, how to fill up our plates with foods that will heal our guts and reduce inflammation and which foods provide the right nutrients for fertility and pregnancy.


Mindset is one of the keys to achieving success, so here we dive into ALL the tools to help you make the changes you're seeking, with a supportive journal, as well as affirmations and a countdown. 


An Interview with leading family Nutritionist, Jo Atkinson, as well as my very own Fertility Naturopath, Kirsty Torrens. Plus a bunch of Q+A Videos from our Live Challenge


Inspiration with beautifully photographed recipes, most using every day ingredients.


A simple meal plan to help you work out what you'll eat each day and how to fit it all into your diet.


A stack of further resources, including how to read an ingredient label, how to get the chemicals out of your veggies, key nutrients for fertility and MORE.



Yes! 7 entire months of weekly meal plans, with nutritional info, beautiful and delicious recipes for you to try as well as a bonus almond meal/pulp recipe book.


In this masterclass and ebook, we focus on breakfast and how to start the day right. Sneaking in veggies and nutrition at breakfast can have a domino effect on the rest of your day and set you up for success


Most of us have heard of meal prepping, but many of us haven't heard of food prepping. In this class I show you how to keep variety whilst also saving a BUNCH of time in the kitchen.



Fragrances are HORRIBLE for your fertility and general health... but, they're in SO many of our everyday products. Studies have shown that there are two main groups who are most affected by fragrances - unborn babies and men. Discover in this guide exactly where fragrances hide, how they affect your fertility, and how to minimise your household exposure.


It is now well documented that BPA and other similar alternatives are known endocrine disruptors, but can be found in many of our every day products - learn what to look out for and how to nix plastics in your life to improve your fertility.


An masterclass with the incredible Grace Miano, Nutritionist, Fertility Massage Therapist and Doula, as she walks through how to improve your egg quality when you're over 35.


Join Dr Elizabeth Cherevaty for this lesson on how to choose the right prenatal supplements.


Join the master of saving, making and manifesting money, Devon Baeza for a Masterclass on how to face your fertility finance fears and fast track your IVF savings fund.


Access to one of my past online masterclasses with 7 things you can do to fall pregnant sooner.

Find a plan that’s right for you.




  • 21 Day Fertility Diet Plan and Guide

  • Food Journal

  • Bonus Interviews and Recorded Q+A Sessions

  • Delicious Recipes

  • 21 Day Meal Plan

  • PDF Cheat Sheets




  • Everything in the Standard Package

  • 7 Months of Delicious Meal Plans and Recipes

  • Breakfast Makeover Class and Ebook

  • Food Prep Hacks Class




  • Everything in the Standard Package

  • Everything in the Premium Package

  • Fragrance Detox Guide

  • Plastics Detox Guide

  • Improving Egg Quality Masterclass

  • Choosing A Good Quality Prenatal Class

  • Face your Fertility Finance Fears Masterclass

  • 7 Ways to Fall Pregnant Sooner Webinar

JUST SOME OF WHAT YOU'LL FIND  inside the program!

Meet The Creator



My name is Robyn Birkin and I'm from sunny Perth in Western Australia where I live with my surfie soulmate, Rosco, two rescue cats, and two little ICSI miracle babies, Chloe and Olivia.


My journey began nearly eight years ago and since then it's been a crazy ride, filled with fertility treatments, radical life changes, and a passion to help other women on their journey.


I work as a podcaster and Mind Body Fertility educator and run a number of programs that help women, just like you on their fertility journey. My flagship program is a 12 week ecourse called The Fertility Warrior Intensive.


My goal is to help women who are trying to fall pregnant (and often for quite some time) to feel confident, calm and empowered. If that looks and feels impossible to you right now, I can completely relate. At the beginning of my journey, I felt like that too.


Just know this. You are human AND... help is here if you need it.



I wanted to change my diet to help in my fertility journey. At first I thought there was no way I could do it, but I proved myself wrong! And now I've lost weight, my skin is bright and I know which foods don't agree with me. This diet introduced me to a cleaner way of eating. I would absolutely recommend this to others. The diet and Robyn were amazing. I wouldn't change a thing.


New York, USA

I lost a little weight and some inches, enough for people to notice. I also think it helped me have a normal cycle. Which is the best. I also proved to myself that I could do something like this and succeed!


Tennessee, USA

I was drawn to this because I had fertility issues, and initially I was a little concerned about the time commitment involved, but I went ahead anyway... AND... I'm pregnant after a year of trying! It really worked! Thank you!


Toronto, Canada

I needed something to jump start a healthier eating lifestyle so I fully completed the challenge and it was great! I felt great! I slept really well and didn't realize that my body really loves all that water! It made me feel like I was doing something really good for myself. I loved it!


California, USA


How does it work?

What happens if I cheat?

I read that [insert food here] is actually good [or bad] for fertility

Is it mobile phone friendly?

What happens after I join?

I'm on the Keto/Paleo/Vegan diet - will this be suitable?

Do I need to be doing IVF?

I heard diets and cleanses are bad. What's the deal here?

Will I end up spending my entire weekly salary on my grocery shop?

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