In November 2019, I emailed my list and told them I quit. 


For the entire month of September, I spent every single weekend (and many weeknights) in hospital whilst my husband, Ross and 1 year old daughter, Olivia tag teamed in hospital. He nearly died.


All I could think was 'WTAF am I even doing?'


Being an "entrepreneur" was lonely AF.


Every week was a constant juggle of trying to get out a podcast or blog post or YouTube video with what felt like zero time to do it.


I felt like I had to be everywhere, and had to be doing everything... I was working like a hamster on a wheel with the limited time I had whilst I was juggling motherhood (a role I had so desperately wanted for so many years... I needed to appreciate it) and all the other hats... and yet, success moved at a snails pace.


So... I emailed everyone and announced that I would quit.



And then I thought...f*ck that.

I still had a fire in my belly, a desperate yearning to have something beyond motherhood and a passion to help fix this messed up infertility industry.

I was just lacking a few key ingredients.


The biggest one being community.


I don't mean the community you get from clients.

I don't mean the community you get from familiar faces in large Facebook Groups

I don't mean the community around me who know NOTHING about owning your own business or growing a social media following.


I needed meaningful relationships with people who 'get it'


People who I could jam with about my failures and successes.

People who would keep me accountable and drive me to succeed and achieve more.

People who would allow me to complain about how hard the juggle is

And who would help me brainstorm strategies.

And you know what else...

I needed to see inside the engine room of other businesses like mine.

I won't lie - financially, my business was doing ok.


I was growing. But...


I'd been spending SO much wasted time trying to crack the code of other businesses


I took all the webinars.

I tried to funnel hack all the people.



There wasn't one.


I was so out of time that I was just throwing sh*t at the wall and hoping it would stick.


I'd just been wasting SO much time going around in circles.


And all I could think to do was continue creating new courses and bundles and programs #cueburnout


My business was NOT sustainable, and it's no surprise that when the wobbles hit at home... it was like a tornado ripped apart my business.


But, I didn't need to quit, I just needed a strategy and a formula... and like-minded (REAL) colleagues.

I needed that wake up call

12 months later... life looks a whole lot different

I put my 20+ years of marketing experience and two degrees to work, and developed the Fertility Growth Formula... that's now seen me:


- Achieve a podcast that regularly ranks amongst the Top 35 in the US for Alternative Health

- Grow my Instagram at a rate of approximately 500 followers per month (whilst never feeling stuck or like I'm spending all day on the platform)

-  Grow my YouTube on Autopilot (despite not posting a video there in nearly a year!)

- Have advertisers approach me (weekly) to advertise on my platforms


.... whilst now working half (if even that) the hours I was working before.


And for the first time (EVER!) my podcast comes out, like clockwork, weekly.


It's become a beautiful marriage of consistency and strategy.


And I'm forecasting BIG things for 2020.

And now I want you to join me for the ride.


I want to transform your entire business, not just one piece of the pie.

I want to work with you on:

  • your programs
  • your growth strategy
  • your sales conversions
  • your time management
  • ... basically, the whole shebang

Together we'll strategise, grow, accelerate and scale



A 6 month Mastermind Accelerator for Women's Health Businesses that are ready to refine and grow their businesses and achieve consistent income (without working crazy hours)

This is right for you if....

You are SO passionate about helping women achieve their dream of becoming a mumma (without becoming utterly battered and bruised in the process)


You miss the community that came with your past life and want the 'water cooler' talk and the strategy sessions.


You're ready to put in the work to create a business you LOVE... that also pays bills.


You've done the courses and the webinars... and are now ready for IMPLEMENTATION and some serious troubleshooting.


You want a tribe around you that that you can all learn, share and grow together.


You want long term support so that you have the opportunity to test and refine things together (think *full* picture)


You know that success takes hard work, but you also want to have a life and don't want to work crazy hours.

I'm sorry, this is NOT right for you if....

You haven't been out there having a crack. You don't need to be earning 6 or even 5 figures, but you do need to have sold some products or coaching. Applicants should have a website, and one of the following: 2,000 followers on a single social media platform, 500 email subscribers or have made more than $2,000 in their business so far. Trust us, you'll get SO much more out of this if that's where you're at.


You are not coachable and only want to do things the way you *think* they should be done. You need to be fully flexible, open minded and willing to test new strategies.


You don't have the time to take action and get things started - we want to move fast to get you up and running.


You aren't willing to contribute to the group - we want team players who aren't driven by fear or scarcity and who are willing to share. There's enough business for everyone #communityovercompetition

What makes THIS Mastermind Special

  1. This isn't a short-term coaching program or e-course where you get a few tidbits but don't get the chance to fully test and grow your offers and audience.

    This is a 6-month commitment so we can test tweak and refine your offers, and so that you receive a full understanding of WHY and HOW we run our businesses, and develop full and meaningful relationships together.
    There's only so much we can do in 3 months, and it's hard to maintain so much momentum over 12 months, but 6 months is the perfect amount of time for us to sprint, test, refine and sprint again. And.... if you then choose to stay on for another round to amplify your results more, we're down with that.
  2. You don't have one coach, you have two. That's two sets of eyes on your stuff, two sets of expertise, two sets of motivation and two sets of ridiculously good looking, funny and witty ( ;-) ) friends who are here to be part of your posse and give you all the support and whip cracking you need
  3. We're all in the same arena here, so you know those *quirks* of the fertility industry? Ya, we will be tackling them together. Sayonara to vanilla advice.
  4. Robyn is PROPERLY qualified in Marketing (two university degrees, 20 years experience AND Devon is a Master Life Coach with a background in Investments, and prior experience managing chains of gyms. We are both running a women's health businesses alongside this mastermind. We are in the thick of it every day testing and tweaking. We don't know anyone else with the same experience we have and in such a uniquely qualified position to assist you with your business.
  5. Y'all, We're busy.... and in Australia. We each have two young children who are constantly asking for snacks and not sleeping through the night, whilst we run our own businesses, and other financial interests. How does that apply to this Mastermind? Not only does that mean you'll get the no BS approach (you know we don't mince our words), but we know that if you're a mumma like us, you'll also want to save your precious babysitting hours for your clients and don't have time for retreats and long 'doing days' - you'll still receive generous time from us, but we'll be laser focused on RESULTS, PROFIT and SYSTEMS to get you from A to B in a straight line.




A rising tide lifts all boats

What to Expect...

Make leaps and bounds in growing your audience in a much bigger way


Discover the must-have tech and systems that will help revolutionise your business (and eliminate overwhelm)


Learn just how to build a true connection with your audience


[FINALLY] find focus and implement that to get maximum results


Conversations around the tricky stuff that nobody likes to talk about (but that is so necessary) like budgets, planning, awkward clients and virtual assistants.


Learn how to make actual income from your business rather than just chump change

You'll receive

  • Monthly Hot Seat Calls. Quick fire Facebook check in sessions where we'll share our wins and collectively troubleshoot. Not sure how to prepare? Don't worry, in our starter pack I'll provide you with a guide on how to get the MOST out of your sessions, to help you make progress, month after month. (valued at $997)

  • 5 x Monthly Group Coaching Sessions. Budgeting, planning and sprint sessions where we'll run through what you need to succeed from Facebook Ads to budgeting. All the juicy (and not so juicy but SO necessary for business success). You'll get the inside scoop on what's working and what's not working in our businesses. (valued at $3,500)

  • Monthly Goal Check Ins. Put it in writing, stay accountable and stay on track to achieve your goals... but moreso than that - receive the intimate and personal support that is so important on this crazy journey (valued at $297)

  • 3 Hour Deep Dive Strategy Call Start off right with a three hour strategy call with Robyn so you can audit where you need to focus on, and what the best course of action is going to be to help you get from A to B and reach your goals. You'll come out of this session with a rock solid understanding of where you're headed and what you need to do next, all prepared and put together for you in writing. (valued at $2,250)

  • 90 minute Money Mindset Call with Devon. Sometimes you can have all the best strategies but if your mindset is off, the whole game is thrown. Deep Dive into your dirty laundry of money mindset issues and come out ready to reach your full potential (valued at $695)

  • 2 x Quarterly 45 minute 1:1 Calls Halfway through the Mastermind, you'll receive a call each with Devon and Robyn to help you course correct, troubleshoot and prepare for your next sprint. (valued at $785)

  • Office Hours Slots Need Robyn or Devon to check over some copy? Got a tech q? Each week, we open up our calendar for those quick Q's to help you get back on track. Valued at $1,497

  • Fertility Growth Formula E-Course With full guides on how to succeed on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, as well as branding, niching and email list workshops and you'll be right there with these bonus sessions and trainings with lifetime access. (valued at $1,497)

  • 6 months access to The Fertile Money Club. This is THE club to be in to check your Money Mindset. Have you ever felt guilty for actually charging your clients or wonder why you're always still continually broke? Ya, that's probably your money mindset. You need the Club(valued at $174)

  • 6 months Facebook Group Access This is your community - need to troubleshoot something? Having a generally awful day and need to vent? Want to ask advice on something quickly? The group has your back. (valued at $197)

  • The Vault: Workshops, Templates + More. On top of our own knowledge, We've also invested thousands into our own training and development. Take the straight line to success and learn from our mentors with the templates that will help you get from A to B in a straight line. (valued at $2,997)

Well-Conceived Mastermind

Guidance + Community + Strategy

Hot Seat Calls = $997

Monthly Engine Room Strategy Sessions = $3,500

Goal Check Ins = $297

Facebook Group = $197

3 hour Strategy Session = $2,250

90 Minute Money Mindset Accelerator = $695

Office Hours = $1,497

2 x 45 minute 1:1 reset calls = $785

Fertile Money Club = $174

Fertility Growth Formula = $1,497

The Vault = $2,997


Join the dream team

Monthly Payments

US Dollars

Initial Deposit $1,000

5 x monthly payments


Pay in Full


US Dollars

Save $500

Best value


How do we get you there?

  • STRATEGISE: The Plan for Success Method (PFS)

    We use the PFS Method to make sure you have the RIGHT offer and message for your audience and take strategic action toward your goals RATHER than throw spaghetti at the wall.


  • 2

    GROW: Implement the Fertility Growth Formula

    We implement the Fertility Growth Formula to increase your audience and authority so you bring in consistent leads every day.

  • ACCELERATE: Fast Focus Sprints

    We scrap what isn't working and we move fast and with laser focus to get to the finish line (THIS is my secret sauce to productivity).


  • 4

    SCALE: We refine and scale

    Once we're humming along - our audience is growing, our offer converts... we refine and scale for maximum impact.

Robyn’s program gave me the confidence to finally step out and let my voice start to be heard as a small business owner.


A year later into the program and Robyn is still so supportive, engaging in her FB group and seriously funny. I look forward to her lives and her inspirational "real talk", I also have to say the community is so collaborative and it is an honor to be a part of such high caliber people trying to make a difference in the fertility community. Thank you for ALL you do Robyn.

Jackie Figueras

The Supportive Mama

Hey, I'm Robyn

My name is Robyn Birkin. I live in sunny Perth in Western Australia with my surfie dude husband and two little people, Chloe and Olivia - my ICSI miracles.


I broadcast lifestyle and mindset tips weekly to thousands via my award-winning podcast, The Fertility Warriors and run an incredible 12-week program, The Mind-Body Fertility Formula where I share the strategies I used to conquer the stress of infertility and fall pregnant faster.


But... I have also spent the last two decades working as a high-level Marketing Manager across a multitude of industries. Some highlights include:

- Overseeing a team of nearly 20 Marketing Co-ordinators for a stock-exchange listed automotive giant

- Managing a multi-million advertising and promotions budget

- Raising nearly $200,000 for charity in a single event


I've had my hand in radio, TV, newspaper, magazine and digital advertising. 

I've done live events, public speaking, charity auctions and big gala balls.


If there's one thing I know, it's marketing.

I admired Robyn’s work from afar long time before having the chance to work with her. Her voice is an absolute authority in this niche.


The insight she offers into what WORKS and what does NOT when it comes to building an audience in the fertility arena is priceless. She has saved me so much time, money, and energy! Her no bullshit style and determination to get results fast was exactly what I needed. 

Devon Baeza

The Fertility Finance Coach

Some important info...

Here are a few important pieces of information you should know before applying

  • 1. If I hit the 'apply' button am I committed? What happens next?

    Nope. Once you hit apply, you'll be directed to an application form. It's really important to ensure that the Mastermind is a good fit for you and you're a good fit for the program. Once the applications come through, We'll start shortlisting candidates and organise (quickly) a 15 minute chat with you to see if you have any questions and discuss next steps. If your instinct is telling you to apply, do it, you aren't obligated until after our chat and after you decide to jump in.


    If the program is a fit, and you're on board, then we'll send you an invoice for payment, due within 48 hours of accepting your place. Once paid, you'll receive). The next instalment (if you choose the payment plan) will come out a month later and so on.


    Once you have committed to the program and paid the deposit, please be aware that we lovingly have a no refund policy. There are only a limited number of spaces available in the program (meaning that someone else may have missed out) and we'll be holding space for you. It's normal to feel nervous about investing 4 figures in a program, but also realise that this is essentially the cost of 3 x 1:1 clients and we're 600% confident we'll get you there!

  • 2. When are the calls scheduled?

    We aren't sure yet! It's important that everyone has the ability to attend most of the calls, and that will depend on everyone's time zones. Here's what we can tell you - this is one of the reasons why we've made the minimum commitment only 6 months - so realistically it's only a handful of times. We can assure you thought that we won't schedule times at 2.00am for you!


    The times will be determined once all members are on board and we will take everyone's time zones into consideration. It depends on the applications received and the time zones of everyone.

  • 3. I don't like swearing or Aussie accents

    Well... shit. This ain't your mastermind then.

  • 4. I have a bricks and mortar business. Is this only for people who have online coaching businesses?

    Oh heck no. This is going to be TOTALLY relevant. The majority of our working lives have been spent working with bricks and mortar businesses so we have all the tricks up our sleeves, including Facebook Ad strategies, point of sale strategies and more.

  • 5. But aren't we all competitors?

    Sis, have you even seen The Handmaid's Tale?! We are entering a fertility crisis here and NOW is the time for us all to rise, together. There are thousands of different personalities, special talents, qualifications, products and services out there available to you and we are not one trick ponies. Plus, we firmly believe that there are enough pieces of the pie for everyone and that women truly need our help.

  • 6. Do you offer 1:1 coaching?

    Yes, but not at these prices.

  • 7. How is this different to the Fertility Growth Formula?

    It's SO different. The Fertility Growth Formula is centered around audience growth strategies and it's an e-course. Our Mastermind is high-touch, high-strategy with a holistic business focus AND it's about the community in the mastermind coming together regularly to strategise and brainstorm. The Mastermind is essentially for people who have mastered growing their audience and are ready for income generation. 

Robyn is kind of like that big sister you never knew you had in business. Just when you think you’ve run out of ideas or motivation for your project she walks in and inspires a brand-new outlook on your project complimented with her wide variety of skills and knowledge.


She has been a godsend to help start and grow both my personal and not-for-profit business.

Jen Shaw

Barefoot Kitchens and Living on Little Founder, Social Enterprise CEO

What I love most about working with Robyn is her down to earth, friendly approach. She walked me through things step by step in a way that was easy to understand. I trust this amazing woman with my website and she is my go-to person for all future projects. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sonia Donaldson

Natural New Age Mum

Make 2020 Your Breakthrough Year