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I know, I hate waiting too!


Look, I'm not sure when they'll be opening again BUT, I'd love you to join me for my free Masterclass,


IVF Success Secrets: How to Maximise your Chances of IVF + IUI Success

(even if you're over 35).


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I've put together the membership I wished I had in the midst of my journey...

Are you ready?

To say farewell to feeling lonely, unsupported and stuck on your fertility journey and ready to start enjoying life again.

Do any of these apply to you?

You started your journey to conceive feeling excited and hopeful, but here you are, month after month, still not pregnant, and starting to question whether you'll ever reach your dream of becoming a mumma


You feel completely overwhelmed by the advice out there, and the more you learn, the more anxious you become


You are surrounded by pregnant women and friends everywhere, and sometimes just looking at your Facebook feed is enough to send you off the deep end


You feel like you KNOW what you should be doing to help your chances of falling pregnant, and sometimes you start strong, but maintaining these habits is SO hard to put into practice, and the reality is that it all just tips you into overwhelm


Your friends don't get it, your family don't get it, your partner doesn't get it, and although they're all supportive, you still feel incredibly lonely


You keep trying to 'eat for fertility' but finding recipes that tick all the boxes is impossible, so you just end up opening and closing the fridge 5647 times before indulging in the 'same ol' and then resolving to 'do better tomorrow'


Infertility is on your mind 24/7. Sometimes you lie awake at night with all the information swirling around your head


You've invested in free guides and courses before, but they never dive deep enough, and when you finish, you feel right back at square one


You constantly question whether you have the strength, persistence and finances to keep going.


You thought you'd be pregnant by now.


You feel like there is something missing, but you can't put your finger on what it is...


I've seen this so many times, and I know just how powerful ongoing support can be.

So I created something very special for you. This isn't just education, it's loving guidance, ongoing support and a true lifeline for your fertility journey.
This could change the game.


This is the piece of the puzzle you've been missing.

Let me introduce you to

My Missing Piece Membership

I created the Missing Piece Membership with YOU in mind. It's the membership I wished I had on my journey with the powerful practices, delivered in bite sized chunks that still help me today.


It's a small steps approach with ongoing support to help you feel hopeful, empowered and supported every day.


Each month I'll provide you with new material that will help you with every aspect of your fertility journey in an easy-to-digest (and implement) way with access to your own private portal via computer or mobile.


I'm here to have your back during the highs, the lows and the incredible milestones you have on this journey.


We'll dive into all the important topics, from diet to mindset and everything in between.


Think of it like your TTC BFF mixed with Netflix.


Remember the old you? 

You know, the one who was excited to start trying to conceive...


The one who never took no for an answer...


The one who felt successful and adventurous and like a go-getter...


The one who worked hard and did whatever it took for success....


The one who laughed all the time...


She is still there.


You're just going through some tough life stuff (aka trying to conceive) and need a little help to see the light again, find yourself and learn how to find a flashlight in the dark.


It's not that you're doing anything wrong.


It's just that this journey is THAT hard.


Let me shoulder some of that burden and lighten the load for you.


It's time to write a new chapter in your book

And I would love to be there, right beside you, to help bring your spark back AND help you bring this baby into the world sooner.


I'm here to help you rediscover yourself, your goals and your passions.


I'm here to make trying to conceive a fun, hopeful journey.


I'm here to help you conquer infertility and make the lifestyle changes you know you need to.


I'm here to support you and help you weather any storms that may come your way.


I'm here to make you feel like the warrior I know you are.


Have we met?

Hey, I'm Robyn

Hi, I’m Robyn Birkin, an educator, author and fertility warrior.


I’ve made it my mission to ensure that women don’t suffer through infertility and trouble conceiving like I did. This is the program I wish I had when I was in the depths of despair.


After hitting rock bottom on my journey, I connected with some of the best experts around, studied a range of modalities from positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy to an Intro to Reproduction and pretty much reached into the depths of my being to pull myself out of my funk, and came out feeling like I could take on the world.


I've spent thousands of $$$ on coaching, courses and books to uncover the powerful tools we have at our disposal, and mindset shifts that make a difference, and I want to share that with you.


And I now spend my time helping Type A, women, just like myself to let go of control, ditch the anxiety, and forge ahead on their fertility journey with confidence, joy and primed for success.


Robyn has been featured on...

"A month and a half ago I was feeling low, I wasn't feeling supported at work , and I didn't know how to process and face the news of my friend’s pregnancy announcement. I felt completely overwhelmed and derailed in life. I would wake up in the middle of the night and just cry.


Things started to take a turn when I discovered Robyn's Fertility Warrior Intensive Program.


Just knowing that others out there can completely relate has been helpful. Plus, the modules and worksheets are helpful. And I love the Facebook group and the Vault! I’ve been feeling really good lately and definitely more empowered and equipped with some tools, tips and mantras to keep me focused and positive."

Jo, Fertility Warrior Intensive Client

Just for a second, imagine this...

How My Missing Piece Membership supports you on your journey.

  • You fall asleep peacefully each night and sleep soundly feeling confident you've done enough, researched enough and know enough

  • You feel like you've got your mojo back and can start enjoying life (and your relationship!) again

  • You feel more equipped to deal with the lows and know that whatever happens, you will survive 

  • You get to try new recipes, instead of feeling completely deprived by your fertility diet

  • You feel calm and clear-headed in your appointments

  • You feel like you're doing enough on your journey, and excited about how you can find a healthier and happier you (instead of taking action from a place of desperation and fear)

I think no matter where you are in your journey, this can be life changing.

Fertility Warrior Intensive Client

Robyn’s calm, practical approach helped me to see things with more clarity then I ever have before. 

- Kiarra

Fertility Warrior Intensive Client

Your program helped me come to life. I now my husband is incredibly grateful. - Di

Fertility Warrior Intensive Client

Small Steps, Big Impact

Each week within the membership, we drop a small lesson or hack based on one of our four core topics.


This is a small steps approach, that will have a big impact on your journey (and your life!). We'll overhaul our fertility, our mind and our plates one totally do-able step at a time.


It's convenient, holistic and easy to implement.


Why do we do this?

Because mind-body program and lifestyle changes have been shown to dramatically affect your fertility, sometimes DOUBLING your chances of falling pregnant.


The research has shown, time and time again that our diets and our minds play a big part in everything from egg retrieval rates to live birth rates, sperm health to lowered miscarriage rates.


Don't miss out on an essential piece of the puzzle.



Week 1

It's time to make sure we're optimizing our fertility, all the way from eliminating toxins to understanding our cycle better.

Week 2

Stop feeling like an emotional punching bag and start feeling like a warrior. Supercharge your relationship and your mind.

Week 3

When things in the kitchen just work, everything works! Let's make fertility diets easy with my tips and hacks for your meals.

Week 4

Let's keep it fresh! In Week 4, we might celebrate a member's progress (or our own!), complete a group challenge or invite a guest speaker.


Weekly Meal Plan

No more feeling stuck for what to eat for fertility. I've laid it all out for you with beautifully photographed recipes and meal plans delivered to you each week.


Valued at $60 per month


Each month, you'll receive a beautifully designed mantra on the first of each month to save as your screensaver or print and place somewhere prominent


Valued at $14 per month

$155 worth Bonus Content

Receive access to my popular 21 Day Fertility Cleanse as well as my very best past digital masterclasses.


Valued at $155


Each month you'll receive a beautiful and calming meditation that you can listen to and download on all your devices.


Valued at $14 per month

Monthly Q+A

Want direct access to Robyn? Got 5684 questions and want answers? We will hold a monthly live Q+A session where we can chat and dive into any questions you have.


Valued at $69 per month

Supportive Community

Join our Facebook Group and receive behind the scenes info, additional videos and trainings, and feel supported with fellow, like minded warriors.



You have been such an inspiration to me. You are a fellow soul sister who has walked in the same shoes of heart ache and desperation on the road to having a baby and you call it how it is.


This email I’ve just received is a true testament to who you are the grit and determination that makes you. That’s what I loved most working with you on my journey. You called everything as it is, no dancing around issues just upfront, black and white called it and made me face my shit head on and do something about it. Others I’ve approached to help me have never truly understood my journey or made me feel like they get it. You did. In a long, drawn out devastating process you showed me reason and navigated my course. You helped me from a 360 degree wholistic lens which others can’t or don’t do. That’s what sets you apart and when you don’t know you have surrounded yourself with experts in those areas who do & happily share their contact information or reference material. 

Lauren, 1:1 Client


The doors to the membership are currently closed.

I know, I hate waiting too!


Look, I'm not sure when they'll be opening again BUT, I'd love you to join me for my free Masterclass,


IVF Success Secrets: How to Maximise your Chances of IVF + IUI Success

(even if you're over 35).


Click here to register.

Frequently asked questions

What is the My Missing Piece Membership?

It's an online subscription that makes it easier to survive infertility, helps you to feel supported, and provides you with tonnes of guidance on how to make lifestyle changes that will support your infertility, and stress levels.


What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime yourself through our portal, which will stop any future payments. Please note that your access to the site will be immediately revoked once you cancel.


Do I have to be undergoing IVF to join?

Nope, not at all. This is primarily for women who are struggling to conceive and who have been trying for 6+ months with no luck, but the content is really applicable to anyone, so you're most welcome to join!


What happens if I fall pregnant?

We will be ecstatic! We will happy dance and high five. And the lessons you receive month in, month out, will still be 100% relevant, however you are most welcome to not renew your membership if you feel you've got it from here.


Of course, if you change your mind, you can also start your membership over again!


What happens if I cancel my membership and the price goes up, but then I decide to join again?

Then you'll need to join at the new price.


Does this include any 1:1 coaching?

I've worked really hard to make this program affordable for EVERYONE! It's basically the cost of a coffee a week and in return you'll receive a meditation, meal plans, masterclass and more. It's SUCH amazing value, but if you'd like a recommendation for a coach or therapist, drop me a line and I'd be happy to recommend someone.


We all work best in different ways and that's ok!

How is the membership delivered?

You have access to all of the content in your own membership portal and you'll receive weekly encouragement emails from me to help you stay consistent with your new journey. You can also download the mantra art and meditations straight to your phone or computer.


How much time will I need to commit?

That's up to you, lady. Our Masterclass runs for about 25 minutes, and our Q+A sessions run for up to an hour. We also have the meditations and meal plans.


What diet does the meal plan supports?

I am a firm believer in bio-individuality and always recommend that for a detailed 'diet' warriors speak with their Nutritionist or medical provider. My recipes are for inspiration only. That said, they're all gluten-free and dairy-free, and include healthy amounts of carbs, fats and proteins.


What happens if I can't finish the content each month?

It will be there waiting for you the following month. We're not rigid here in the My Missing Piece and we firmly believe that perfection is a unicorn, so you have plenty of time to catch up on info you might have missed.


How do I know if the My Missing Piece Membership is for me?

If you're finding infertility really hard or would like some additional support and guidance, then this is the place for you. If doesn't matter if you already meditate each day or have your diet sorted, this is about providing you with more tools in a fun and encouraging way. There really is only one way to find out though and that's to join!


How is this different to your other program, The Fertility Warrior Intensive?

The Fertility Warrior Intensive is as it sounds, an intensive program - we cover weekly in-depth topics and life coaching work. It requires a much bigger time commitment over the 12 weeks and delivers much more radical results for anyone stuck in the sh*t storm of infertility and needs help getting out fast. We open the doors in April and November each year.


The My Missing Piece Membership is about ongoing support and learning and is designed to be your BFF throughout your entire fertility journey and the doors are (currently) always open so you can join the membership at anytime that suits you.


These programs work hand in hand, so you can join both with no problems.

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